My Big Fat Wedding

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“My Big Fat Wedding”

Just before you start reading :  This Article Does Not Describes Any Of Those Money Shelling Wedding Ceremonies, But It Dwells The ‘Inside’ Of Soon Going To Be A Bride’s Side and Try To Notice The Changing Trends Of Her Life .

 Wedding is a day which almost every young woman fantasies about most. This is a day when you get concerns, when you earn some fame amongst your peers & become the epicenter of magnetic courtesy for all invited onlookers. This was going to be my 22nd pre-summer seasonal session of the streaming year, according to the Gregorian calendar.

I, the Anonymous, had never thought of that my life, full of surprises, could accelerate from stable grounds to an unlike before experience, like a cannonball, explosion with a shift. I had just started working out to know things closely, like getting tight with oceanic hidden realities, realities of life which looks different off the other side of the Gate of Childhood, where the World waits like a land of predators, and wants you to step prepared, armored.

Every day ends with a new lesson, lesson to understand the living patters, to realize the trend of human survival, survival of the fittest. This was the day I waited so long till now, all the way while growing up. Over period of time, watching our own people, following the laws of nature, getting involved in unification of two better halves, in continuation of existence of Human race, The Mankind, unknowingly, on this earth. It’s always an interesting event in talking of time which hasn’t been seen, peeping in future, taking a fancy imaginary glimpse of how things would become, to smell the changes, changing, which one could possibly be seeing in near future. Periodic Change is another law of Nature, Nature controls everything, it makes sure that the bird will find the food at the end of the day, not necessarily every time around her nest, so we got to learn a lot from our Mother Caretaker.

I am no different from the other sapiens. I have Dreams, I have Desires, and I have Needs, Feelings & Beliefs. I trust carefully, I choose cautiously, I decide, with Mind, with no Heart, as it never lets you think, and makes you later, regret. Humans have special attachments with other humans, they need a Bond for outlasting, an Emotional momentary relationship, to keep them on the happier side of the swing. I have experienced many of such defined Relations so far, Somewhere, I feel a Protecting Father, a Loving Mother, and a Buddy Brother, all the time around me, making my life more sense-full, more colorful & beautiful and more over, Complete. Friends, another Category of Radical Humans, looking out for getting connected, to the System, or as we call it, The Human Social Network of Complexities.

System always keeps a balance, balance of attachments, emotions, understandings, and reaction patterns. Some of the time it overloads, leading to broken loose busted connections, then separation seems to be the only possible choice, which desperately moves in search of a substitute, who can fill in for the deficiency and the system repeats the pattern, it goes on.

Time has come for me to follow the legacy, to get engaged, to accept an invitation for a permanent Bond, Bond for life, to remain connected, with a better half, to start thinking of making a better future, and to create a better platform for oncoming offspring’s. I just want to be a dearer Daughter, a better half as a Wife, a care giving Sister, a worthy Friend and a Responsible & Sensible part of the Human Social Network.

I expect less from time and believe in me to carry forward the trends of pedigree.

Faraz Haider


2 thoughts on “My Big Fat Wedding

    meryemh said:
    November 22, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    This is a really good article, i love the way you use the words!

    ledzupprulz responded:
    November 22, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    Thank you thank you !! yeah i am little spooky about the presentation!
    Glad to know.

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